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KKAR operates on a franchisee based business model. As a part of this, KKAR has a corporate office, situated in Bangalore. The remaining part of the goodwill goes to its valued partners who have been associated with KKAR. These partners have collaborated with KKAR and have opened doors for students to get acquainted with the latest developments in the technology domains pertaining to their organizations.These regional offices have franchisees under them and the franchisees report to the regional offices as well as to the corporate office. Steps are taken to ensure the smooth functioning of the franchisees and that they meet the revenue expectations. For the same, various kinds of marketing and operational support is provided. As a part of providing marketing support, various collaterals are sent to the franchisees as a part of support for their campaigns.

As demand for industry-ready information technology professionals in India continues to rise, given India's pre-eminent position as the global off shoring / outsourcing destination for IT services. Moreover, companies within the country, including those in the public sector, look to optimize their business processes using IT, the demand for qualified IT professionals will be unabated in the foreseeable future. Employers in the IT segment are on the look out for IT professionals with expertise in diverse domains and various platforms. They lament the lack of adequate quality and Skill-sets in students coming straight from mainstream education streams, thus leading to a serious shortfall of the right skills in the industry. This widening gap between demand and supply is the BIG opportunity for those in the IT education and certification Sector. Would you like to make the most of this opportunity?